3rdPARTY (3dePARTIJ) almost ready to take off

3rdPARTY is a private initiative of 5 people: Karin Heremans (director Atheneum Antwerpen), Mohammed Filali (islam-teacher Atheneum Antwerpen), Rik Coolsaet (professor University of Brussels), Simone Susskind (peace and human rights activist) and Lukas Pairon (director music ensemble Ictus and ong Music Fund).   We expect to be able to start our 3-year initiative with the invitation of a first delegation to Antwerp of Israeli and Palestinian peace activists the first days of October 2009.   Knack, the main Flemish magazine,... [Lire la suite]
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"3rdPARTY" is starting in September

"3rdPARTY" is starting in September I am really happy to hear that thanks to financial support from the Province of Antwerp, the private project "3rdPARTY" (a 3-year project around Palestinian and Israeli peace-activists) can be started in Antwerp from this Autumn on. It is a private initiative which I am taking together with Rik Coolsaet, Karin Heremans and Mohammed Filali. "3rdPARTY" (in Dutch: "3dePARTIJ") is a 3-year programme in 3 parts: 1. every 2 months a meeting with peace activists from Israel and Palestine:... [Lire la suite]
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