Tuesday 13th July 2010 - day 5 of youthtrip in Israel and Palestine

Today was a day with the ladies from MachsomWatch.  For most of us one of the strongest parts of our trip in the region.  MachsomWatch is a group of ladies (grandmothers most of them), who have started their activities around checkpoints ('machsom' is hebrew for 'checkpoint'), but are now working also more and more on the realities of people living in and around checkpoints, the wall and all the other forms of borders created, legally and illegally, by the Israeli government and the settlers.  MachsomWatch is thereby... [Lire la suite]
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Monday 12th July 2010 - day 4 of youth trip to Israel and Palestine

Today was another very long day for us.  We left early from the village of Al-Ma'sara near Bethlehem to Sderot near Gaza, were we started a day in the company of members of the mixed Israeli-Palestinian organisation Combatants for Peace. They showed us around in and around the city of Sderot, a small city in Israel which is very near Gaza (we have seen the Gaza strip from there) and which has been attacked regularly with the so-called kassam-rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.  The city has equipped itself with shelters... [Lire la suite]
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Sunday 11th July 2010 - day 3 of youth trip to Israel and Palestine

Today was spent in and around Bethlehem, in the Westbank, in the company of Mahmoud Zwahre, major of the village Al-Ma'sara, and one of the leading figures in the growing popular movement for non-violent resistance against the wall and settlements.   We visited the area together with Mahmoud and were introduced in the incredible world of collaborative non-violent actions developed first by two Palestinian villages, and now by 16.  It is a small but rapidly growing movement of Palestinians who believe that there are... [Lire la suite]
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Saturday 10th July 2010 - day 2 of youth trip to Israel & Palestine

Today Saturday is not over yet, but was already very very busy. A difficult early morning separation of the hosting families in Nazareth (it really does not take much time to become friends; half a day and an evening is enough), we travelled from Nazareth (Arab/Palestinian city in the North of Israel) to the nearby Jenin (Palestinian city in the North of the Westbank).  It was easy to pass the main checkpoint, so we arrived early in Jenin, where we visited the music school of Al Kamandjati and the actors school of Freedom... [Lire la suite]
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Friday 9th July - day 1 of youth trip to Israel & Palestine

We all arrived save and well in Tel Aviv, where we spend the night in a hotel near the beach. In the morning we visited the Open Clinic in Jaffa of Physicians for Human Rights, our first appointment over here.   In the afternoon we travelled from Jaffa and Tel Aviv to Nazareth (2 hours drive) and spent the afternoon visiting the city, accompagnied by youngsters from the Masar school, where the music school of Orpheus is situated. The connection between the youngsters from Antwerp and Nazareth went smoothly, and now all of... [Lire la suite]
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Artikel in Toneelgeruis

Klik op de titel om het artikel over 3ePartij in Toneelgeruis te openen (als .pdf).
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Shministim is AIRBORN

We zijn erg blij te kunnen melden dat onze vrienden Yuval en Or, Israelische gewetensbezwaarden, lid van de vereniging Shministim, vanacht alsnog naar België zullen kunnen reizen, en we zijn er in geslaagd om de sessies in Antwerpse scholen (Lyceum en Atheneum) te verplaatsen naar donderdag en vrijdag!
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sessies met Shministim uitgesteld

De werksessies met Yuval en Or van Shministim van maandag 19 april en dinsdag 20 april in Antwerpse scholen (Lyceum en Atheneum) en de publieke sessie van maandag 19 april in Toneelhuis kunnen niet doorgaan. Zoals tienduizenden anderen, konden ook Yuval en Or geen vluchten nemen om vanuit Tel Aviv naar België te vliegen. Zodra dit opnieuw kan, plannen we deze sessies in de scholen opnieuw in de volgende weken. Of de publieke sessie in Toneelhuis zal kunnen doorgaan, is niet zeker. Te volgen hier op onze weblog, of anders op onze... [Lire la suite]
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Article in Knack

Yesterday (14.04.10) Knack published an article on Shministim. Click the headline to read it in pdf. The two people mentioned will be attending the next 3rdParty meeting in Toneelhuis (Antwerp), on April 19, 8 PM.
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3rdParty is attacked in the magazine Joods Actueel as being anti-Israel. Co-founder Lukas Pairon defends 3rdParty.

Click the headline to read the article.
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